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About the Club

The Vancouver Private Flying Club is a club for anyone that shares a passion for flying.  Whether you are an active pilot, former pilot, aspiring pilot or non-pilot - if you love to fly, want to learn more about flying, talk about flying and want to promote flying, we welcome you to join us.

Our goal is to share the joy of private flying at an affordable cost and above all, safely!


Block time fees collected are not for profit purpose but for cost sharing the operation of the aircraft, including general maintenance, insurance, fuel,  annual inspection and hangarage.

Safety is our number one priority and we take maintenance of our aircraft seriously.  Our aircraft is maintained/serviced by an AMO - Safari Express Aircraft Maintenance Ltd., which is conveniently located just opposite our club hangar.


Our Fleet




This is a well maintained Piper Warrior with a new interior and paint job in Nov 2015.  The airplane has also gone through a complete firewall forward overhaul in May 2021 with zero time engine and a RAM 160 HP STC upgrade.  Other features include:

  • Garmin GTR 225 Comm Radio

  • Sentry ADS-B Receiver supports Foreflight with CO Monitor

  • JPI EDM 730 Engine Monitor monitoring EGT and CHT

  • 406 ELT

  • Supports Foreflight with AHRS, ADS-B traffic, synthetic vision and more











Our 2-seater Tomahawk has had a complete firewall forward overhaul in March 2023 with zero time engine.  Additional upgrades include brand new interior in June 2018; complete new panel with avionics upgrade and new paint job in March 2019.  It will be a sure turn-head to fly this cool aircraft!  Featuring:

  • Trig TT31 Mode S Transponder

  • Trig TY96 Comm Radio

  • Garmin GDL 50 ADS-B Receiver supports Foreflight, Garmin Pilot and more 

  • Garmin Aera 660 Touchscreen GPS with 3D vision

  • EI CGR-30P Engine Monitor monitoring:

    • EGT, CHT​

    • Fuel Flow

    • Fuel Pressure

    • Oil Temp

    • Oil Pressure

    • RPM

    • OAT

    • Carburetor Temperature

    • AMP

    • Voltage

  • Guardian iPad Mini Panel Mount on passenger side with built-in USB charger

  • USB Charger Port on both PIC and passenger sides

  • 406 ELT

  • Supports Foreflight with AHRS, ADS-B traffic, synthetic vision and more

Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition

$149 - 12 hrs / $199 - 24 hrs (overnight)

Hit the streets in style riding the 2020 Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition featuring rally tires, upgraded suspension, premium seats and more.  Tons of fun and easy to ride.  A motorcycle licence (class 6) is required.  

The Ryker Rally features:

  • Rotax 3-cylinder 900cc Engine

  • Automatic CVT Transmission with Reverse Function

  • 3 Riding Modes:  Eco Mode, Sport Mode and Rally Mode

  • ABS, Traction & Stability Control

  • HHC - Hill Hold Control

  • Adjustable Windshield 

  • Driver Comfort Seat 

  • Passenger Comfort Seat with Foldable Backrest

  • Hard Saddlebag with Capacity: 36L


GDDG cutout v2-2.png
Warrior C-GHDI-cutout-png.png

Piper Warrior PA28-151 - C-GHDI 

20-hour block - $180/hr : $3600 + GST & PST (wet) 

10-hour block - $190/hr: $1900 + GST & PST (wet) 

Regular rate -   $200/hr + GST & PST (wet) and subject to

                      $500  refundable security deposit


Piper Tomahawk PA38-112 - C-GDDG 

20-hour block -  $160/hr: $3200 + GST & PST (wet)

Regular rate -    $180/hr + GST & PST (wet) and subject to                           $500 refundable security deposit

Can Am- cut out.png


Membership fees are collected on an annual basis.  Rates are as follows:

Flying member (pilot):  $475 + GST

Non-flying member:     $250 + GST   

Download and complete the membership application form here; and return to us with a copy of your Pilot Licence (including the type/rating and Medical Certificate pages).

Join our Club Fleet

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