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Hangar Facility & Use Policy


The club's aircraft is stored in a hangar facility, available for use to block-time pilots.  The hangar features:

  • 8600 sq ft

  • Electric bi-fold door (60'x 18')

  • Epoxy paved floor

  • Parking outside hangar

  • Washroom


Hangar Policy


The following rules are imposed by Hangar Park, the hangar Landlord, and must be adhered to by all users of the hangar.

  • The hangar where the Aircraft is stored is a privately owned premises of Hangar Park.  Vancouver Flying Club has rented a space inside the hangar for hangarage only and not for any other purposes.  Hence, access to the hangar is only allowed when block time is booked on the Aircraft.  Renter of the aircraft (hereafter "Renter") is NOT allowed to enter or loiter in the hangar for any other purposes other than flying the block time booked on the Aircraft.

  • As the hangar is shared with other tenants of Hangar Park, we ask that all members of the Flying Club and Renters must respect the properties and privacy of other tenants sharing the hangar space.  In particular, please do NOT touch or attempt to access/enter/get on board the aircraft and/or vehicles of other tenants.

  • It is our club members' privilege to have access to the hangar and use the hangar facility.  Please respect that.  The club will risk losing this privilege if we received any complaints from the landlord or other tenants.

  • Renter must keep the hangar (the general hangar area and the toilet inside the hangar) where the Aircraft is stored clean at all times.  Renter must NOT leave any garbage or personal belongings inside the hangar.

  • Renter must ensure that all the hangar doors are properly secured and locked when they leave the hangar.

  • Renter must NOT park their vehicle inside the hangar.

  • NO pets are allowed any time inside the hangar.

  • NO smoking, vaping and/or consumption of any kind (including tobacco, cannabis-based products, marijuana) is allowed inside the hangar at any time.

  • For the security of the hangar, Renter must safeguard the hangar key(s).  In the event that the key is lost, Renter will be charged a $250.00 + GST fee for key replacement.

  • Renter shall return the hangar key to Operator once the block time is used up or at the end of the block time period, whichever earlier.  

Surveillance camera on site. The Operator also reserves the right to terminate the block time lease agreement immediately should a violation of the rules occurred.  Under such circumstance, any unused block time will be forfeited and there will be no refund.

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