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Damage / Lost Item Charges 

Any damages (including but not limited to flat tires, cracked/broken windshield etc.) to the aircraft while it is under the care and custody of the pilot will be the responsibility of the pilot; he/she will be fully responsible for the repair costs (parts and labour).  Below is a list of damage charges that the member must pay upon damage is caused to the aircraft. This is not a comprehensive list but some common damages based on previous experience. The member will also be responsible for any actual repair costs in excess of the estimate cost charged.

a)  Charge on a tire damage that requires inner and outer repair is $500 + GST + PST.  


b)  If you lock the wheel while landing and caused a flat spot on the tire, there will be a damage charge of $300 + GST + PST for each tire.

c)  Members must do a DUAL confirmation to ensure that the cowling latch is securely fastened prior to take-off.  There is a penalty fee of $3000 + GST + PST if the cowling is damaged due to the member failing to fasten the cowling latch securely.

d)  If the pilot caused a tail strike, there will be a $300 + GST + PST penalty charge. Any further repair to the tail will be billed to the pilot up to $3000 + GST + PST.

e)  Navigation light damage - $1200 + GST + PST per side.

f)  There is a penalty fee of $300 + GST + PST if the member did not turn the MASTER off after his/her flight.  Not turning the MASTER off will damage the battery and may lead to its replacement.  It will also deprive the next member of his/her right to fly the plane as they will not be able to start the plane, wasting their time and causing them disappointment.  In the event that the battery need to be replaced due to member forgetting to turn off the MASTER, that member will be responsible for the new battery cost.


g)  NO pen is allowed inside the cockpit.  Use the pencil provided.  PIC to brief passenger prior to flight and check for any pen marks.  $100 fine if any pen marks are found inside the cockpit after your flight.


h)  Do NOT overspeed the engine.  Overspeeding the engine has serious consequences including engine failure and/or the requirement to remove the engine for overhaul. If the pilot caused the engine to overspeed (50 RPM above maximum limit and for over 6 secs), he/she is required to submit a report stating the reason for such action.  In addition, that pilot will be fully responsible for the total costs (parts and labour) to repair/overhaul the engine due to overspeeding.  

The pilot is responsible for all items and avionics inside the aircraft including but not limited to the GPS, iPad, handheld radio, survival kit etc.  If there is a break-in to the aircraft while under your care, and items were stolen from the aircraft, the pilot/member will be fully responsible for the replacement cost of those items. 

For more general rules and policies, please click here.  Failure to follow the club rules and policies is subject to a fine of $200 per incident or termination of membership by Operator.

The Operator reserves the right to terminate the Aircraft Rental Agreement any time at his discretion.  Termination will be served by writing via email.  Renter must return the hangar key within 7 days upon termination of Aircraft Rental Agreement.  If early termination occurs, any unused block time hours will be refunded to the Renter within 14 business days after receipt of hangar key.  

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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