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Q:  What is membership qualification?

A:  a)  Licence requirement:  A valid PPL or higher.  No Recreation Pilot Permit or training allowed.

     b)  Age: under 50 years of age.

     c)  Weight limit:  170 lbs for the Tomahawk. 

           This same rule applies to the passenger(s) as well.

Q:  How much is block time?

A:  Please refer to Our Fleet page.

Minimum is 20 hours per block, and must be used within 10 months from purchase.  

Plus non-refundable Annual Membership Fee $475 + GST.  The membership must be current to fly the club planes.

Under certain circumstances, such as non-resident of Canada, student, lack of reference etc., the pilot may be subject to a refundable security deposit of $500.  This deposit will be refunded to the member within 7 days after the membership expires.

The Annual Membership Fee is payable within 30 days it is due.  If the member failed to do so, his/her membership will be terminated automatically and any unused block time hours will be forfeited with no refund. The outgoing member also must return the hangar key within 7 days of notice of termination or he/she will be charged $250 + GST for the key.

If the aircraft becomes unavailable for over 3 months due to unforeseeable reasons such as repairs and maintenance, the membership will be extended starting the 4th month for the duration of down time exceeding 3 months. 

Q:  Does my block time expire?

A:  Yes, the block time must be used within 10 months from purchase. There is no refund for unused balance.


Q:  Do I need to checkout?

A:  Yes.  The pilot must complete an open book exam.  After that there is a briefing and a dual instruction checkout flight, the cost of which to be borne by the pilot.

Thereafter, the pilot is subject to an annual checkout by a qualified flight instructor for insurance purpose, the cost of which to be borne by the pilot.

Q:  What are the currency rules?

A:  To maintain PIC status, a 45-day currency is required, with a minimum of 3 take-off and landings during this period.  The pilot is subject to further flight review and check ride if less than 20 hours of total flight time is logged within a 10-month period.

All members are subject to an annual check-out by a certified flight instructor or our club operator per insurance requirement.

Q:  Any other costs?

A:  Other costs that may incur include but not limited to the following:


a)  There is a replacement fee of $250 + GST if the key is lost.

Since the club and aircraft is located in a rented hangar shared with other tenants, the landlord requires a credit check to be conducted on all members.  Based on the credit check report, the landlord may at his discretion, request a security deposit (amount to be determined by the landlord) from the member prior to granting access to the hangar. 


Click here for the rules and regulations for use and access of the hangar.  

b)  Landing and parking fees incurred by the pilot are extra.  If these fees are billed to the club, the pilot is responsible to reimburse the club the full amount plus a handling fee of $5.00 (to cover the bank charges and postage fees).

c)  If the aircraft needs to be fueled up outside of CZBB, the pilot will be reimbursed the fuel cost (as time to his/her block time balance) up to the same fuel price at CZBB (e.g. if fuel at CZBB is $2/L, the pilot will be reimbursed the full amount if the fuel cost elsewhere is $2/L or below  If the pilot fueled up at $2.5/L, he/she will be reimbursed at $2/L).  The pilot will be responsible for any cost above the posted CZBB fuel price.

d)  Any damages (including but not limited to flat tires, cracked/broken windshield etc.) to the aircraft while it is under the care and custody of the pilot will be the responsibility of the pilot; he/she will be fully responsible for the repair costs (parts and labour).  Click here for a list of damage charges that the member must pay upon damage is caused to the aircraft. The member will also be responsible for any actual repair costs in excess of the estimate cost charged.

Q:  Where can I take the plane?

A:  The aircraft is equipped for VFR flight only.  Day trip only within British Columbia (BC).  Member must return by sunset (e.g. if sunset is 7:00pm on that day, the member must return by 7:00pm).


A security deposit of $5000 is required and prior permission must be obtained if members want to take the plane to outside BC or to the US. Permission to fly outside BC is subject to the Operator's discretion.

Take-off and landing on PAVED, concrete runways ONLY that are no less than 2000 ft.

NO take-off or landing on grass or beach except in an emergency.

Q:  Can I do any flight training with the plane?

A:  No.  The plane is intended for cross-country flights only.  It shall not be used for instruction or training purposes. NO spin/force landing exercise are allowed.  Circuits are limited to 3 touch-and-gos per booking.

Q:  Are there any booking rules?


A:  To be fair to all members and ensure everyone can have a chance to enjoy the airplane, each member can only block off a whole weekend once a month. 


If you book the plane for the whole day (8 hours or more), you will be charged a minimum of 3 hours for that booking even if actual flight time is less than that.

Prior to making any booking, please ensure you have enough balance in your account for the number of hours you book. If not, please top up your account before making any bookings.

For those who run into negative hours on their account or members just finishing off the block hours and not planning to renew, the outstanding hours cost will be calculated as below:

Example 1:  There is 1 hour left in the account and you flew 1.2 hours.  The outstanding 0.2 hour will be calculated at the same rate as the pilot's purchased block time rate.

Example 2:  There is 1 hour left in the account and you flew 2.2 hours.  The outstanding 1.2 hour rate will be calculated as follows:

1 hour @ pilot's purchased block time rate + 0.2 hour @ regular retail rate.


i.e. any outstanding hours over 1 hour will be calculated at regular retail rate.

Q:  Can I have access to the plane anytime during the day?

A:  Due to the club sharing the hangar with other tenants, the landlord has designated access to the plane and hangar from 7:00 to sunset.  For security reasons, prior permission must be obtained from the operator if you want to fly beyond these posted hours.

Q:  Any 'Weather Minima' guidelines?

A:  Weather conditions are one of the most important factors in flight planning and common sense goes a long way to interpreting your personal limits when it comes to sky conditions.  Below is the 'Weather Minima' guidelines to help you determine if it is safe to fly.

Remember, even if the current and forecast sky conditions fall with our guidelines for your flight, it is always your responsibility as the PIC to ensure you stay safe within your personal limits.  If in doubt, or Common Sense says no, stay on terra firma!

In addition, there is a Cold Weather Flying policy:

When temperature is 0 degree and/or below 0 degree, flying is limited to only local scenic flights with takeoffs and landings only at our base CZBB.  

Q:  What about over water flights?

A:  Where the intended flight involves flight over water the Flying Member pilot-in-command shall abide by the applicable flight requirements.  It is recommended that for all over-water flights, the pilot-in-command carry life jackets for all persons on board the aircraft. No person to operate a land aircraft over water, except when conducting a take-off or landing, beyond a point where the land aircraft could reach shore in the event of an engine failure.

Q:  Can I take my pet along for a flight?

A:  Sorry, NO pets are allowed to be taken inside the aircraft at any time or on any flight.

Q:  What happens with the money invested?

A:  All revenues are reinvested into the aircraft for maintenance and/or upgrades. 

For more general rules and policies, please click here.  Failure to follow the club rules and policies is subject to a fine of $200 per incident or termination of membership by Operator.

The Operator reserves the right to terminate the Aircraft Rental Agreement any time at his discretion.  Termination will be served by writing via email.  Renter must return the hangar key within 7 days upon termination of Aircraft Rental Agreement.  If early termination occurs, any unused block time hours will be refunded to the Renter within 14 business days after receipt of hangar key.  

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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